The original cat coin

No gas, no tax, all kittens. Join the fluffiest community on Polygon.

The Kitty Coin Project

With dog meme coins saturating the crypto market, Eiko founded Kitty Coin on behalf of those craving a fun alternative. As the year went on, $KITTY evolved into much more, eventually rising to become the #1 cat coin on the Polygon Network.Now, our mission is to increase awareness of Polygon's near-zero fees so that everyone—especially artists—can finally get some respite from Ethereum’s lofty gas fees.Join us, along with our army of the fluffiest creatives, as we aim for the moon and build a warm, welcoming cat community on the way. ❤️

How to buy

Setup Polygon

Add funds


Once you have added funds on the Polygon network, now is the most pleasant step. Buying $KITTY tokens!

📌 Uniswap

📌 Matcha

📌 Dex.Guru

💡 $KITTY can also be bought with $USD directly through Dharma into their wallet.


Birth of Kitty Coin (2021 May 11th)

Basic info

  • Name: Kitty Coin
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Ticker: $KITTY

Distribution details

Kitty Coin Tokenomics!

2021 Q3-Q4 (Accomplished)

Discord build-up

  • Since Kitty Coin is so much more than a price-oriented project, $KITTY Discord was established to help cultivate community.

Tip.cc Discord bot integration

  • Integrated the tip bot: a fast, easy, and fun way to reward active community members with $KITTY tips. Our Discord members absolutely love tipping evenings with trivia games!

CoinGecko listing

  • Provided users with a trustworthy, reliable source for details about the project.

CoinMarketCap listing

  • Increased the number of eyes on $KITTY; CMC attracts hundreds of millions of active users each year.

Kitty Artist recruitment

  • Collected art pieces in the form of NFTs from artists on Polygon and invited them to join our community for future participation in utilities.

Weekly Discord NFT Auctions

  • Every Monday and Thursday, we auction one NFT from Kitty’s community vault.

New website

  • Published an updated website with project-relevant links, roadmap, coin metrics, and team section.

Kitty Flip Game

  • Buyback of $KITTY will commence in the form of fees collected through our super cute coinflip game. Later down the line, these will be used as rewards for staking. You can play the game here.

2022 Q1 (Accomplished)

Auction House Demo

  • On-chain auctioning of unique 1/1 crypto art NFTs from curated artists where everything is denominated in $KITTY.

2022 Q2

Kitty Discord Bot

  • Our own Discord bot which has tipping, airdrop, and lots of more features to come.

Discord Coinflip Game

  • Play coinflip against other players

2022 Q3

New and improved Auction House

  • On-chain auctioning of unique 1/1 crypto art NFTs from curated artists by the Kitty DAO.

Discord Lottery rewards

  • Users will gain the ability to buy an unlimited amount of lottery tickets (1 KITTY = 1 TICKET). Tickets will be a part of a big pool where only a single winner is chosen every x hour. A percentage of the total pool will be burned.

2022 Q4

Discord Play and Earn Game

  • Let your Kitties run wild — play and earn rewards!

Kitty Merchandise shop

  • With print-on-demand services, we'll offer a full set of Kitty drip on our e-commerce store with the possibility of accepting crypto as a payment method.

KittySwap (DEX)

  • A Decentralized Exchange will be established for token swaps on Polygon with lucrative rewards for liquidity providers.

2023 Q1

CEX listings

  • Centralized Exchanges will make Kitty accessible to thousands of new investors who we'll welcome with open paws! Priority will be given to CEX that support Matic withdrawals to Polygon network.

100M+ market cap

  • We strongly believe in the growth of Polygon’s ecosystem and demand for Kitty utilities, making this milestone not only reasonable, but feasible.

Kitty Shop (NFT shop)

  • $KITTY holders will be able to stake Kitty tokens in farming contracts that allow them to earn reward points. Use reward points to redeem NFTs from curated artist drops made specifically for Kitty.

Kitty Plushies

  • High-quality, environmentally conscious, and limited-edition plush toys will be available to purchase for fluffy gmeows and sweet purrnights.

Marketcap Goals


EikoFounder / Developer
GhostProject Manager
MirandaCommunity Manager
QwertyCommunity Manager
RizVisual Artist
CryptoKageProject Advisor